Candid Clicks

Pre-PhD days

On Teacher's day, with my teachers (from left to right)- Prof. V Ramanarayanan (my Guru and ideal), (late) Prof. V. T. Ranganathan, Prof. Vinod John (my advisor), and Prof. G Narayanan, at EE, IISc, Bangalore.  [2008]

Flying high (both literally and figuratively) after graduating from IISc, Bangalore with a master's degree. Clicked at the EE farewell party[2010]

Receiving my Master's degree from (late) Prof. Roddam Narasimha (a renowned aerospace scientist), during the convocation at IISc, Bangalore (in the good old days of in-person events & celebrations).  [2011]

Statue of Pierre Simon Laplace, clicked at the Château de Versailles, during a visit to  GE Healthcare, facility in Buc, France. [2014]

PhD days

Power Electronics Research Group picture; clicked in the machines lab at EE, IISc. [2016]

With (late) Prof. Thomas Lipo (advisor of my advisor Prof. Vinod John), during ECCE'18. Portland, OR, USA. Alongside are (now) Dr. Nakul (back-left), and (now) Dr. Shan (back-right).  [2018]

With Prof. Dragan Maksimovic, at the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA, during a visit for giving a research seminar at CoPEC (in the pre-covid days of in-person visits and seminars).  [2018]

Scoping out a vintage analog volt-ammeter from GE displayed (along with several other vintage instruments) at the Bonville Dam First Powerhouse, located on the Columbia River. Clicked in OR, USA.  [2018]

Post-doc days

With Prof. Sairaj Dhople (my current mentor and friend), and (now) Dr. Nathan (my collaborator from KU, Leuven), working on a paper at Wilde Cafe on a summer Saturday, in MPLS, MN, USA.  [2021]

(Late) Prof. Ned Mohan (my Paramaguru) regaled us with a colorful account of his student-day experiences in Wisconsin. Sitting along are Vivek Khatana, Prof. Sairaj Dhople, and Dr. Manish Singh; clicked during high tea after the Indian flag-hoisting ceremony at UMN. [2022]

Prof. Sairaj Dhople and I, celebrating (July 4th and) the submission of a paper on GFM technology for a sustainable future by burning coal (for barbecuing) on a summer evening at CSCC, MPLS. (Contradiction?) [2022]

Visiting NREL during the first in-person UNIFI consortium general meeting, held in July at Golden, CO. [2022] 

3 MW wind turbine at the NREL Flatirons campus.

At Ali Baba Grill for dinner. Seen here are Nathan (next to me), Julia Matevosyan, Prof. Frede Blaabjerg, Dr. Minghui, Prof. Tim Green, Prof. Florian Dörfler, and Dr. Julie Cohn; at the UNIFI general meeting, Golden, CO. [2022] 

With Prof. Sairaj Dhople, Apurva Dhople, Dr. Brian Johnson (current project PI and frequent collaborator), (now) Dr. Nathan, Dr. Manish Singh, and Ashley; during a hike at Breckenridge, CO, USA. [2022] 

With Prof. Anjan Bose (and Manish & Sairaj) after an hour-long chat about engineering, academia, and life at large; the man's energy, wisdom, and enduring passion for power engineering are truly exceptional. At the IEEE PES General Meeting'22, Denver, CO, USA.  (Trivia: Anjan and Ned Mohan were undergrad classmates (1967 batch) at IIT Khragpur; and Anjan was the backbencher :-).) [2022] 

With Prof. Ali Mehrizi-Sani, Dr. Deepak Ramasubramanian, and Prof. Dominic Groß, on the banks of Bow river during a casual hike in the evening; at IREP'22, in Banff, Canada. [2022] 

With Prof. Ian Hiskens on the balcony of Fairmont Banff Springs; receiving nuggets of (invaluable) wisdom while also savouring the view of Rocky Mountains surrounding us, at IREP'22 gala dinner, in Banff, Canada. [2022] 

With Prof. Sairaj Dhople and Dr. Manish Singh, posing with the Alma Mater in UIUC (Sairaj's alma mater); at the Allerton '22  Conference, in IL, USA. [2022] 

With Prof. Sairaj Dhople, Dr. Prince, Prof. Aranya Chakrabortty, and Dr. Kyle Dukart, at dinner in the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort, during the NSF-NAE workshop on Power Engineering Education, in Albuquerque, NM, USA. [2023] 

Exploits when the North & South come together...

Celebrating Diwali  [Winter'2021] 

Battling heat [Summer'2022] 

Visiting collborators [Spring'2023] 

Faculty days

With the ever-charismatic and super-erudite Mr. Giridharan Shanmugavel (Giri), grabbing a cold beverage at CCD, IIT Bombay, along with Prof. Pavan Hari and Prof. Ravi Prakash, during ICAER'2023. Giri always leaves us with an intellectual high whenever we meet. [2023] 

🚩 "Satsangatve  nissangatvam,  nissangatve  nirmohatvam"  🚩

SourceBhaja Govindam

Transl:  From the company of the wise, one is weaned away from (false) attachments; from nonattachment comes freedom from delusion.