From the many bookshelves of IISc, Bangalore

From the many bookshelves of University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Gabriel Kron, undersigning his book "Tensor Analysis", with a tongue-in-cheek comment!

A time when the advisor was an advisee!

Classical control vis-à-vis Modern control

Clicked from the Chicago River, Chicago [2021]

Clicked in Downtown,  Minneapolis [2022]

Clicked in Dinkytown,  Minneapolis [2023]

Wonderful Insights

More on modeling error  (from The Tao of Physics)

Credit: Manish

On addition Vs subtraction 

Credit: P Roja

Some interesting physics (of coffee)

Lesson for all researchers

On how a figure should be drawn--Hergé

Credit: Sairaj (a draughtsman himself)

Somewhere in Chennai, India [2018] (On how electrical lineworkers fix a broken underground power cable)

(a) Cable

(b) Crimping

(c) Crimped

(d) Sleeving

Somewhere in Monticello, Illinois [2022]

Featuring the twilight sky and a (typically rare) transmission line tower that performs transposition

Clicked at the Allerton Mansion at IL, donated to UIUC by Robert Allerton [2022]

Genius, Millionaire, Visionary, & Philanthropist. Clicked at the Dept. of ECE, Grainger College of Engineering, UIUC [2022]

Sharp advice 

Peter Diamandis's provocative laws noted outside the office of (the always placid) Prof. Peter Sauer, at UIUC [2022]

How I cite my own works in my papers...

Location: Sri Venkateswara temple (Tirumala)  [2014]

Location: Physics Department, IISc, Bangalore [2019]

Location: Chemical Science Department, IISc, Bangalore [2020]

🚩 gacchatastiṣṭhato vāpi jāgrataḥ svapato'pi vā | na vicāraparaṃ ceto yasyāsau mṛta ucyate || 🚩

SourceYoga Vāsiṣṭha

TranslHe whose mind is not contemplative, introspective, or, inquiring while in motion or stationary, while awake or asleep, is indeed as good as dead.