From the many bookshelves of IISc, Bangalore

From the many bookshelves of University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Gabriel Kron, undersigning his book "Tensor Analysis", with a tongue-in-cheek comment!

A time when the advisor was an advisee!

Classical control vis-à-vis Modern control

Clicked from the Chicago River, Chicago [2021]

Clicked in Downtown,  Minneapolis [2022]

Clicked in Dinkytown,  Minneapolis [2023]

Wonderful Insights

More on modeling error  (from The Tao of Physics)

Credit: Manish

On addition Vs subtraction 

Credit: P Roja

Some interesting physics (of coffee)

Lesson for all researchers

On how a figure should be drawn--Hergé

Credit: Sairaj (a draughtsman himself)

Somewhere in Chennai, India [2018] (On how electrical lineworkers fix a broken underground power cable)

(a) Cable

(b) Crimping

(c) Crimped

(d) Sleeving

Somewhere in Monticello, Illinois [2022]

Featuring the twilight sky and a (typically rare) transmission line tower that performs transposition

Clicked at the Allerton Mansion at IL, donated to UIUC by Robert Allerton [2022]

Genius, Millionaire, Visionary, & Philanthropist. Clicked at the Dept. of ECE, Grainger College of Engineering, UIUC [2022]

Sharp advice 

Peter Diamandis's provocative laws noted outside the office of (the always placid) Prof. Peter Sauer, at UIUC [2022]

How I cite my own works in my papers...

Location: Sri Venkateswara temple (Tirumala)  [2014]

Location: Physics Department, IISc, Bangalore [2019]

Location: Chemical Science Department, IISc, Bangalore [2020]

🚩 gacchatastiṣṭhato vāpi jāgrataḥ svapato'pi vā | na vicāraparaṃ ceto yasyāsau mṛta eva sa: || 🚩

SourceYoga Vāsiṣṭha

TranslWhile in motion, or while keeping still, while awake or in sleep, if one's mind is not given to contemplation, introspection, reflection, or, inquiry, he is indeed as good as dead.